I am happy to offer you the following services in connection with railway vehicle projects: 

You would like to increase the frequency of your trains in operation? Change oft train protection system from a "fixed block system" to a "moving block system"? I can advise you and explain to you which changes to your vehicles are necessary.

I can support you in preparing the necessary tender for the electrical equipment of vehicles.

I can also support you in integrating a new train protection system into the vehicles (e.g., concepts for functional circuit diagrams).

Support with the homologation of the vehicles is possible. 

You would like to change to driverless and unattended operation? I can advise you extensively on the planning of such a project:

  • What requirements, including safety requirements, must the vehicles meet
  • necessary additional components and requirements for these
  • required operating modes in addition to fully automatic operation
  • analysis and description of failure scenarios
  • clearing the track in the event of a failure and evacuation concept - interaction between the vehicle and the control centre

I can support you throughout the entire process of the project, from the preparation of the necessary tender documents for the electrical equipment for the vehicles up to the homologation.

Additional Services:

  • Functional electrical circuit diagrams for changes to the electrical equipment during modernisation or when integrating new components
  • Qualitative evaluation of vital functions for conventional electrical devices
  • Training/presentations on the topics: conventional electrical circuits for railway vehicles in general (requirements and realisation), automatic train operation up to GoA4, safety requirements for electrical vehicle systems and their implementation
  • Support for cooperation between German and Polish companies in the railway vehicle sector (communication: translation at meetings and of correspondence, translation or checking of translations of documents on electrical documents for rail vehicles if required)
  • Establishment of contacts with Polish companies from the railway vehicle sector: e.g. MEDCOM (HBU, drives, medcom.com.pl) ATM (black boxes, www.atmavio.pl), Dynamic (wheel/rail force measuring devices Q, Y, Y/Q http://www.dynamic.com.pl), NEWAG (wagon builders, www.newag.pl) and others


  • Direct contract in the case of smaller orders or
  • Contracting via ESE GmbH Braunschweig (ese.de) in the case of larger orders
  • Invoicing on a time basis (preferred) or
  • Working contracts
  • Hourly rate and billing intervals by agreement