1981 – 1992

Service provider for the DR (ZFIV), Berlin S-Bahn:

-       Specification and testing of the electronics of new vehicles (e.g., BR 270 - today BR 485/486).

-       Modernisation of old vehicles: development/support/testing of new electronic components

Maintenance strategies especially for electronic components

1992 – 1994

Siemens AG Berlin (ANL):

Integration of passenger information systems (IBIS 2) of different expansion levels (IBIS/ELA/radio, IRIS, IMU, displays, validators/ticket vending machines, emergency intercoms, passenger counting, “black boxes”) in trams/buses in cooperation with Siemens/Häni - Switzerland (both retrofitting projects and new vehicles).

Projects: Berlin (BVG Trams), Dresden, Frankfurt/Oder, Rostock, Brandenburg, (buses and trams)

1994 – 2020

Siemens AG / Siemens Mobility GmbH Erlangen, circuit technology for metro systems, technical bidding department:

Creation of a variety of concepts for offers in the electrical engineering sector, participation in the development of platform concepts. After receiving the order, I was involved in the role of a "system integrator" to coordinate the developed concepts with the customers and to implement these concepts. I also was involved in the preparation of functional circuit diagrams, in the commissioning, and in the homologation of the vehicles. Examples:

1994 – 1996

Stuttgart DT 8.10 (tram, cooperation with ADtranz)

1996 – 2001

Metro Vienna, V-Wagen

2001 – 2008

Metro Nuremberg DT3/DT3-F, GoA4 with LZB 524

2008 – 2010

Platform project INSPIRO (concepts: main circuit, earthing, auxiliary power supply system, TCMS, safety loop systems, ATC systems, doors).

2009 – 2013

Metro Warsaw (INSPIRO), GoA2 with SOP3 (ZWUS/Bombardier Poland)

2013 – 2015

Metro Riyadh (Red Line, Blue Line), GoA4 with Trainguard CBTC

2013 – 2015

Participation in the creation of basic concepts for metros (creation of architecture patterns for vital electrical functions),

Participation in the specification of the "vital" traction interlock up to SIL3 for GoA4 vehicles

2016 – 2017

Metro Sofia (INSPIRO) in cooperation with NEWAG (Poland), GoA2 with Trainguard MT3


Metro Nuremberg, G1, prepared for CBTC system

2015 – 2020

Metro Oslo, MX 3000, concept for retrofitting a CBTC system

2017 – 2018

Vienna metro, X-Wagen, GoA2/GoA4, with LZB 513 and AFF based on Trainguard MT3

2016 – 2020

Shanghai metro, line 18 (GoA4), cooperation with ZELC and CASCO, CBTC system from ALSTOM/CASCO


Munich metro, type C2, concept for retrofitting a CBTC system


Shanghai Metro, Line 18, consultation on the commissioning of the vehicles


Metro Oslo MX3000, participation in the preparation of a tender for the use of a Trainguard MT (SMO Braunschweig)


Metro Nuremberg, G1 series, updating of the block diagrams for the electrical equipment of the vehicles

2020, 2022, 2023

Cooperation with Siemens Mobility GmbH (SMO) in Erlangen and in Vienna in the design of concepts in the field of vehicle control for metro vehicles


Metro Warsaw, block diagrams for electrical equipment, cooperation with Škoda Transportation (Czech Republic)

2021 - 2022

Cooperation with WABTC (ANNAX), description of electroacoustic systems for rail vehicles

2021 - 2022

H-BAHN21 Dortmund, concept for the integration of a Trainguard MT in existing vehicles


Consultation with MEDCOM (Poland) on functional safety issues on rail vehicles,
Consultation regarding acoustic topics for the project Metro Warsaw


Metro Nuremberg, concept for the modernisation of the passenger information system of the vehicles of the series DT3/DT3-F based on the IuK system (Information and Communication) of the vehicles of the series G1

2022 - 2023

Metro Oslo MX3000, project supervision for CBTC extension (Trainguard MT, SMO), interface vehicle control - train protection system


Metro Bangkok (Orange Line), concept design for the integration of a Trainguard MT, Support in the preparation of the circuit diagrams for the entire electrotechnical equipment


Metro Oslo M4000, assistance in the preparation of a tender, concept for the integration of a Trainguard MT, general topics Electrical equipment of the vehicles





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